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Most of them are „off the beaten tracks“, except for some „classics“ like the Samaria gorge. Some take place in the heart of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains), a vast mountain range with some 50 peaks over 2000 m, on old trails made by shepherds and their animals through very wild and isolated areas. The landscape is rugged, the terrain is rocky underfoot and some footpaths climb up steep hills. Some days involve altitude gains that can go up to 1600m (ascent of Pachnes). Other walks go through some of the many gorges splitting the Lefka Ori and lead to unspoiled beaches on the shore of the Lybian Sea, with rewarding swims at the end ... Coastal walks or walks on the island of Gavdos are in general easy, with little altitude gains. The tours are designed for active and adventurous people, in good physical and mental condition, who enjoy walking, exploring and, sometimes, climbing up steep hills.

We stay away from big hotels and tourist resorts and sleep in small pensions or village houses kept by people of the land, for whom tourism is often not the only activity. All of them are old friends of mine and we are always treated as guests of honour. Meeting people is part of the experience. Accommodations are always clean and comfortable. Occasionally, when crossing the Lefka Ori range for example, we spend the night in a mountain shelter or a refuge and take a sleeping bag with us. People who wish to sleep under the stars can do so on the beaches (in Gavdos, for example) with the possibility of course to shower and change in a room.

The famous Cretan Diet that makes you live longer! Special attention is given to the meals: lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, local meat, fresh fish, everything prepared according to traditional Cretan recipes. Occasionally we take picnics with us, but most of the time it is also possible to have lunch at small tavernas on the beaches or in the villages we cross.

The first and the last day, we travel with a private mini bus. The journey to and from Gavdos as well as some short stretches on the south coast are done by boat … Some bits of dirt tracks in the mountains are done with 4x4 vehicles. Luggage is transported by road or sea everytime we move from one accommodation to another. (It is always possible to travel with the luggage for people who get tired or do not wish to walk for a day!)


The luggage that will be transported should fit in a big backpack (60 l) or in a duffle bag (preferably, no suitcase!)


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