AORI - Original Walks, Hikes and Treks in Crete ORIGINAL WALKS, HIKES & TREKS IN CRETE

Crete walks: Your guide: Anne Deckel Crete walks: Your guide: Anne Deckel


My name is Anne Deckel, I am a permanent resident of Crete since 1989. Born in France, grown up in Quebec and also recently a part time resident of Germany, I am fluent in Greek, French, English and German. As a licensed trekking guide, I have been working with many international tour operators for the past 15 years.
One day I realized I could offer much more to the adventurous and curious travelers if I designed my own original tours, using my experience and in depth knowledge of many areas on this Great Island of Crete where I have grown roots… My aim is to guide my guests on routes that are off the beaten tracks and to bring them to feel in close touch with their natural, historical and human environment. Meeting people of the land and participating in local social events are highlights that make a holiday unforgettable (village festivals, Easter, Saints Days, sheep shearing, cheese making, grape treading, raki distillation etc…).
Important also is to experience “Philoxenia”, Ancient Greek concept meaning: to welcome and privilege the foreigner. Modern tourism doesn’t always do much to preserve the original “Philoxenia”, but I know it still exists in those special places where I will take you…

AORI means “Mountains” in Cretan dialect.
Cretan mountains, and particularly the “Lefka Ori” have always fascinated me with their rough beauty and remoteness. They are omnipresent in the landscape as the core of the island. But let´s not forget the great gorges, the fertile plains and the sea shores that offer so many contrasts!


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